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We take pride in our ability to design, develop and customize various training solutions to meet your training needs.

VR Reality Solutions

Virtual reality (VR) is a new tool that has the potential to drastically change the way aerospace professionals view and implement training and development. In generations to come, aerospace professionals will use virtual reality like social media is used today. This is the future of how aerospace professionals will learn. But today, this technology may seem too complicated and unattainable for many aerospace organizations to implement into their learning portfolios.

Virtual reality technology is here and getting better every day. Still, there are a variety of different types of virtual reality platforms that all present different pros and cons for use in training. With technology evolving so quickly, aerospace learning professionals need to stay informed of what options are available today, what will be available tomorrow, and what VR means for the future of aviation immersive learning.

Are your organization designing training for your aerospace professionals who need to experience situations first hand, but struggle with how to do that effectively and efficiently? Is your aerospace professional workforce widely distributed, so in-person training is just too expensive? What if you could bring a situation to your audience anywhere and any time you needed to with a solution that was both immersive and cost-effective? While this sounds like a training option from the future, it’s actually something you can launch right now using our virtual reality solutions. With these affordable solutions, you can easily create immersive experiences that do things like put your new remote employees in the classroom to meet the team on their first day, put your flight crews in a cockpit for a training flight without the cost of travel to training centre, or send your aerospace maintenance professionals on a tour of a maintenance repair facility across the world without impacting anyone’s daily routine.

AviationLearn will help your organization to understand this technology and examine the different VR hardware and platforms, and the technical requirements to implement VR in your organization. Finally, you’ll learn about best practices and the aerospace expertise your organization needs in order to implement this technology.

You live in a world of dynamic and interactive multimedia. Why, then, are you still subjecting your aerospace professional learners to static and one-dimensional training materials? Augmented reality is now an affordable technology that can be easily integrated into your aerospace professionals’ learning content to provide immediate context at the moment of need.

We will help you to build a better understanding of augmented reality (AR) and discover its evolution into workplace learning. Explore affordable out-of-the-box solutions that you can implement today in your aerospace professionals L&D space, from new-hire orientations to general training. We will equip you with valuable tips and tricks to augment any aerospace professionals learning experience.


在重大安全航空航天等领域行业, 正式上岗前的培训工作变得异常重要,但传统的培训方式显然不适合高危行业的培训需求。虚拟现实技术的引入使得虚拟培训成为现实。虚拟现实应用于教育是航空航天教育技术发展的一个飞跃。它营造了“自主学习”的环境,由传统的“以教促学”的学习方式代之为学习者通过自身与信息环境的相互作用来得到知识、技能的新型学习方式。



AviationLearn (航空学私人有限公司) 将提供虚拟现实解决方案有助于您这一技术的了解和研究不同的 VR 硬件和平台和技术的实施要求。您将了解有关最佳做法和航天专业知识。


We are a member of The Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

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