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Globally, the fast-changing business environment requires a period for people to learn and accept new information and knowledge which comes more quickly than ever before. Research over the past 40 years has shown that informal and workplace learning is increasingly pervasive and central to learning in organisations. Our Multi-Functional-Training-System is deigned to focus on learning and development beyond the classroom and course-based Learning to build more resilient workforces and create cultures of continuous learning. Since most learning occurs in the workplace rather than in formal learning situations. MFTS stresses that learning is highly context dependent with intrinsic or embedded performance support fully integrated into the work environment and therefore able to support task execution.

To enable the professional workforce to accomplish their complex tasks with minimum errors, informal learning approaches aided by performance support within their work environment (embedded) will facilitate them to effectively perform their jobs. Since a large part of what professionals learn during training is forgotten by the time they return to their job. performance support on the job offers just-in-time, just-for-you and just-enough knowledge and information and lead to a significant of 50% - 70% (Kalyuga, Chandler, Sweller, 2000) reduction of training efforts with increase ROI.

AviationLearn has embraced advanced forms of digital and interactive tools to have the graduate learning outcomes more aligned with the organization’s environment. The Multi-Function Training System (MFTS) is designed and developed by AviationLearn to meet the customer’s need for rapidly available and affordable training solutions - a quickly reconfigurable platform comprised of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware that is easily adapted to support a wide range of aerospace, marine and land systems.

The new pedagogical designed MFTS is a remarkable transformation. With a liberal dash of interactive tools and curriculum, the learners will experience “life” in an operational set-up, even before they graduate. Our Multi-Function Training System (MFTS) provides configurable integrated virtual procedural training that provides a high-fidelity, realistic and 3D immersive “Virtual Environment” to meet our client’s formal training requirements which are concurrent with our client’s system operational regulations and procedures. The traditional simulator is almost a replication of true work place or equipment and generally has a wide-view projection system to generate high quality virtual wide view scenery. This kind of display system has high fidelity and trainees do not have to wear any accessories during training. But the wide-view projection system is expensive and huge. And the simulated system also needs a lot of money to build and can only be corresponding to one kind of working platform. Virtual workplace is flexible enough and can be easily reconfigured to a different scenario. And its building cost is significantly reduced for the reason that many functions can be realized by sophisticated designed software instead of expensive hardware.

For aerospace industry, our Virtual cockpit system adopt the immersive Virtual reality (VR) technology simplifies the design of the whole cockpit system and visual system. HMD is adopted to provide both out-of-window and inner cockpit scenery including appearance of all instruments and controls. Data glove and position tracker may be used to track the hand motion and then computer generated 3D hand model can be provided as visual indication for trainees. Alternatively, motion trackers can be used to capture the images of hand manipulation of synthetic throttles and condition levers. Then the hand images, extracted with skin colour cue, are merged into the virtual scenery which is displayed on the HMD. This kind of design scheme does not need data gloves and can eliminate the uncomfortable and intrusive feeling. Trainees can see their virtual hands and manipulate throttles and condition levers freely. Due to its feather of merging real-world tactile cue of handling throttles and condition levers and virtual scenery, it combines realistic feeling of traditional cockpit and low-cost design philosophy of virtual cockpit.




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